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news at 6:30 on your side. >> a four year old girl is clinging to life after a hosuefireusefire in southeast. >> one of seven people in the house. we are live in southeast washington with more. >> arson investigators were here late looking for the cause of the fire. a matchbook was found at the scene. the tragedy is the four year old girl is in critical condition. >> d.c. police officers first
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saw the smoke and flames and called in fire crews. the blaze was so intense it melted the homes siding. four family members had to be rescued. >> they were trying to get the door open and breaking windows. >> they found a four year old girl unresponsive, needing cpr. the investigators say the blaze began in the basement, the worst place that time of the morning. >> fire, head, smoke was traveling up. >> the arson task force is investigating. friend and neighbors are investigating. >> it is something about this
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happening -- >> the aunt and grandmother are also in the hospital. the police say the landlord was charged with threatening an occupant of the home in an altercation, in the aftermath. >> 10 years ago, 100 people were killed in a rhode island nightclub after pyrotechniscs ignited a fire. carlthe former governor called it the worst tragedy but finest horuur for how people came together. >> a student in eastern maryland is dead. edmond st. claire got into a fight with three people on the sommerset county campus.
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he was stabbed and died at a local hospital. >> the search is on for a hit and run driver in the district. it was on m street near the gaulludette station. ross the victim fell onto the roadway and was run over. ross later died at the hospital. >> the power is back on for hundreds of dominion power customers in mt. vernon. this was for a car accident on mt. vernon memorial parkway. the crash knocked down three polls and the poles were replaced today. >> tens of thousands voiced their opposition to the keystone pipeline.
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this was after several protestors including daryl hannah were arrested for protesting by the white house. >> this project has not been approved yet. the pipeline will bring oil from canada to the u.s. but is a subject of heated debate. >> drums of protest on a cold day. >> this is a big deal. >> thousands rally against the pipeline. >> the dispalcement of people, it is about big money -- >> the 1700 mile pipeline from alberta, canada to multiple refineries is in the midst of a complicated process. the oil industry sais the pipeline would create 20,000
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new jobs and give the u.s. energy independence. it would expand access to secure supplies of canadian crude. as much as 800,000 barrels a day. >> there will be an environmental disaster. >> these protestors worry about oil leaks, greenhouse gasses and imminent domain. >> this is about your fundamental rights so the corporations can make money. >> they say the oil companies will win and the public will lose. >> they will sell it to china or the highest bidder. >> the american petroleum institute said 69% of american
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votorsers support the project. the state department will make the decision, asis it is international. >> the national mall looking like the north pole. it was a windy day with the trees blowing and if you were outside you had to bundle up. >> friday, it wsas springlike out there. >> we are still in winter? >> we are not htethe only ones dealing with the cold air. they are dealing with freeze warnings. 29 in reagan national. the wind chill factor is in the lower to middle teens, 12 at
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duluth and in western maryland it feels like -3 in oakland. a few scattered flurries to the west and in a few minutes we talk about the weak'sek's forecast. >> john mccain may be opposed to chuck hagel but he says fellow republicans should stop stalling and vote. he talked about why this nominee has so much trouble. >> 99% are the positions he's taken, voting against iran sanctions or his believe that the surge would be the worst since vietnam and his positions are frankly out of the mainstream but far to the left.
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>> he haddedadded senators have had reasonable time to get questions answers. >> he also weighed in on immigration reform. details were released to put illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship but some republicans say this is a non-starter. >> the battle over immigration reform turns up the heat on america's melting pot. it would allow illegal immigrants to have green cards in 8 years and more border patrol and backgroun screenings for illegal immigrants. marcuo rubio said that the president's bill would be dead on arrival leaving us with
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undefended borders. other republicans added criticizm. >> to -- criticism. >> to let people break in line, he is looking for a partisan advantage. >> does the president want another cudgetl to beat up republicans. >> i hope republicans and democrats don't get involved in a back and forth sideshow. >> president obama warned if lawmakers could not agree on immigration reform, they'd hear from him. >> if congress won't move in a timely fashion -- >> the gang of eight hopes to present new legislation sometime
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in march. >> the -- [indiscernible] what he is lookingprojecting for the future of the olympian accused of killing
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>> the agent for oscar pistorius has canceled all futreure races as the racer was charged with the murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. they canceled this so he could focus on legal proceedings. >> a shocking incident on a delta flight. a minneapolis mother says her
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son is traumatized as a man slapped her son and called him a racial slur. he began to cry as they were landing. a man next to bennet told her to shut up and used the n-word then slapped the child. >> i couldn't believe he'd say that and then to hit him -- i felt like i was in another world. >> the suspect, 60 year old joe hundley is from idaho. the techc company where he works suspended him until an investigation is complete. we have more snow in one part of the northeast tonight. wehre a foot of snow will fall. >> what does the work
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>> a week ago people in massachucets cleaned up after the snow but now they have more on the way not as much as last week but enough to add insult to injury. >> we're not used to the 1.5 inches we got. >> boston, five inches fell from this storm not compared to the 28-5040 inches from last week. it is windy and cold and will be the next several hours. the wind chill -- our skies are turning clear as high pressure builds. temperatures at the airport over 29 degreres. the wind chill feels like 17
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degrees. high was 34 degrees, well below average. normally it is in the upper 40's. the high was 79 in 1976. 20 mph wind gusts d.c. looks at 26 degrees. if you go to florida where it is blue and pink, hard freeze warnings. they could look at tampa temperatures around 30 degrees. they had wind chill factros ors in the 30's. cold air off to the north and west and the 24-hour temperature
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change we are 10 degrees colder. milder air is on the way and it will take a little time to arrive and as we get closer to tuesday -- around 50 degrees. it feels like two in pittsburg and hgih pressure overhead. a very cold start to monday, at 15 and 22 degrees and then we have a warming trend. doppler radar shows some flurries off to frederick county. it is a conversational type of flurry. temperatures will be cold tomorrow. a cold front on tuesday and
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temperatures in the lwoer 20's and tomorrow, look for sunshine. clowsuds roll in late tomorrow and our extended outlook shows temperatures that will drop into -- you have this sweater bug again. those are our temperatures on tuesday and wednesday into the 40's. >> and we were jealous about mchenry in florida. >> the lead is that it is warm down there. we take you down there and check in with brett and the nationals and tell you why many on the team are trying to put l
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>> and now the toyota sports
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desk brought to you by local toyota dealers. >> everyone in national's camp seemed to have turned the page on last season's playoff runs. one palyerlayer hoping for better things is espinosa, who played with a torn rotator cuff. >> danny espinosa says he is fully recharged after an off- season spent detached from baseball. he had 189 strikeouts last season. he did not undergo surgery for his torn rotator cuff and has undergone rehab . >> getting healthy, getting my mind right and focusing on my training and knowing i am ready.
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that is all i wanted. >> when i asked espinosa what the experience of a game five can do for him, he said 'not much." it is the talent that is inspiring him. mchenry, abc 7 sports. >> the celebration -- they ahve not stopped after last night's shocker. the young terrapins surprised duke with a win, a win maryland needed to get into the ncaa tournament. after the game, mark turgen talked about how important this win was to him and his family. >> i take pride in my coaching. i don't do a lot well.
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my son had to leave the gym because the fans were so hard on his dad. i wanted to beat duke. >> the lady terps are in -- and she grabs the board and goes. the terps win 73-44. it is all-star weekend as the big game starts an hour from now. the slam dunk contest was terrence ross and jeremy evans he slams over this object, and he showed it was a picture of himself dunking. terrence ross, on his last jump he leaps over a 9-year-old
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boy, and that is your winning dunk, the 2013 slam dunk winner. the capitals are in new york against the rangers leading 1- 0. >> leave it -- >> we could turn this around. >> a final look at the
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>> the wind will stick around a few hours. temperatures in the lwoer 40's and it will feel better. we have a closed front on tuesday, ahead of it gusty winds and heavier rains and it will be colder wednesday temperatures on thursday night
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and friday, we'll keep you updated. >> today is preparing us for later in the week. >> we'll see you at 11:00. have a good at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning with a free breakfast made just the way you like it. with a breakfast like this,
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